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How to Cancel Your ICICI Credit Card

How to cancel your ICICI credit card
How to cancel your ICICI credit card

ICICI bank provides a simple method to its credit cardholders who’re willing to close or cancel their ICICI credit card. There are certain steps need to be followed by the credit cardholders to cancel the ICICI bank credit card.

It always needs to read the instructions properly given on the official ICICI bank website before closing.

Request for Cancellation of ICICI Credit Card

  1. Our Phone Banking Officer will contact you within 3 working days at the phone number entered here, to confirm the cancellation. Your request will be processed in 7 working days after our officer has contacted you. However, if we are unable to contact you within 3 working days, we will cancel your Credit Card.
  2. Please place this request if you wish to cancel your Primary/Add on ICICI Bank Credit Card.
  3. If you have any outstanding dues on your credit card, we request you to clear the same.
  4. If you have provided your mobile number or email, we will inform you about the closure of your request by SMS or email respectively. Providing the mobile number or email here will not result in an update of your mobile number or email as recorded with us.
  5. ICICI Bank does not take any responsibility, and will also not be liable, for your claims if the details provided by you are incorrect/incomplete.

Source: ICICI Bank

How To Cancel Or Close An ICICI Bank Credit Card?

ICICI Bank credit cardholders can cancel or deactivate their credit cards using the processes listed below:

  • By filling up a cancellation form: ICICI Bank credit cardholders who want to cancel or close their credit cards can download a cancellation form from On this form, they will need to furnish important information like their credit card number, add-on credit card number, reason for cancellation, city, mobile number, and email id. They can also fill up this form online and submit it. The cancellation request will be generated and the cardholder will receive a call from a bank’s representative who will confirm the cancellation. Once the cardholder gives confirms, the request will be processed within 7 business days. Alternatively, this form can be downloaded, filled, and sent to ICICI Bank Limited. Race Course Circle, Vadodara-390007 or ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai-400051.
  • Cardholders can call ICICI Bank’s toll-free number, 1800-200-8181, to initiate a request to cancel or close their credit card.

Things To Remember Before Cancelling Or Closing An ICICI Credit Card

Although it is perfectly fine for cardholders to cancel their credit card whenever they wish to, there are certain things that they will need to check before initializing the process to close or cancel the credit card.

Listed below is a checklist of things that every cardholder should go through once before initializing a credit card cancellation process:

Pay Off Dues

Before initiating the request for credit card cancellation, each account holder must be cleared the dues and all EMIs that the credit cards has.

Redeem Reward Point

Each account holder should check and redeem the reward points before canceling the ICICI bank Credit card.

Stop Using the Card Further

Once an account holder of ICICI credit card, should not use a credit card once the request raised for the cancellation ICICI bank credit card.

Check for fraudulent transactions before cancellation:

Cardholders should check their last credit card statement thoroughly to make sure that they have not fallen prey to any fraudulent transaction that has gone unnoticed. This will help them in avoiding new set of fees charges for transactions that they haven’t made on their own. Hence, before initiating a cancellation process, cardholders should always check the number of transactions made, the amount paid for each of them, and the date of payment.

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